Apple Mac

To download the pullmatte application zipped file for Apple Mac Snow Leopard and above (not tested on all Mac OS).
Version 0.10.3

Microsoft Windows
To download the pullmatte application for a Windows 32 or 64 bit operating system.
( 32 bit ) Version 0.10.4

To download the pullmatte64 application for a Windows 64 bit operating system.
( 64 bit ) Version 0.10.4

Disklavier command line tools to construct disk images from folders containing FIL files as well as extract from disk images to folders containing FIL files.
( 32 bit ) Version 0.1

Version History

version 0.10.4 (13th Oct 2013) - Optimised Math library to 3 or 4 times the previous version speed. Mac will be updated when I get time - Current version
version 0.10.3 (13th Oct 2013) - Bug fixes added error dialog for integer overrun
version 0.10.2 (8th Sep 2013) - Bug fixes and removed redundant registration menu
version 0.10.1 (28 Aug 2013) - Added preferences and about dialog
Version 0.10 (15th May 2013) - Added join brush strokes with CTRL mask functionality and fixed a stroke while move bug for Unix based architectures
Version 0.9.1 (4th May 2013) - Bug fix in cancel dialogue
Version 0.9 (20th April 2013) - Bug fix and added thumbnail viewer to save dialogue
Version 0.8 (7th Feb 2013) - working calculation status bar
Version 0.7 (27th Jan 2013) - better looking Icons
Version 0.6 (22nd Jan 2013) - remember window size and position

Post Script

Currently the trial version end period is hard coded into the application. We will be updating the downloadable file close to the end of each current trial period. Please feel free to download a new file when your current trial expires while we have this current system in place.

Don't forget to check out the quick start tutorial for basic instructions.