A History of Covid Absurdities

Dr. Martin Kulldorff (Harvard) presented these observations over the early pandemic years of the 20s.

  • NIH director Collins and NIAID Director Fauci think you promote science by silencing scientists through public takedowns
  • A geneticist (Collins) and a virologist (Fauci) thinking they know epidemiology better than epidemiologists at Oxford, Harvard and Stanford calling them "fringe epidemiologists".
  • Lockdowns to protect low-risk members of the laptop class instead of focused protection of older high-risk people. This mistake lead to many unnecessary deaths in both groups.
  • People pretending to care for the global poor favored lockdowns that have caused more harm to poor people around the world than war and slavery.
  • Working class people who opposed the devastating lockdowns were branded right-wing extremists.
  • Scientists signing and Lancet publishing a petition questioning natural immunity after Covid recovery, even though we have known about natural immunity since the Athenian plague in 430 B.C.
  • A CDC director (Redfield) who believes face masks provide better protection against Covid than vaccines.
  • A CDC director (Walensky) who questions natural immunity after rcovery from an infectious disease.
  • Firing people with natural immunity after Covid recovery, even though they are the least likely to spread Covid to others.
  • CDC fired Kulldorff for being too pro-vaccine. viz. advising not to halt the J&J for the age group over 50.
  • BigTech censoring epidemiologists who got the pandemic right, while promoting those who got it wrong as Covid experts.
  • Zero Covid.

Alternatives to absurdities

  • Debates instead censoring and slander
  • Discussion on how to better protect high-risk older people
  • Discussing lock-down harms
  • Trusting the public with honest information
  • Basic principles of public health